Vehicle Inspections – From a Mechanic’s Perspective

They say that buying a car is the second largest purchase you make in your entire life. Your expectations grow as you go up the ladder as far as vehicle size and class is concerned. No matter how low your price range is when it comes to buying a vehicle, or even when you list your current vehicle for sale – you would never want to buy a lemon for yourself and then waste your time, effort and money in either fixing that piece of metal or getting another car.

This is why getting a vehicle inspection done by a qualified mechanic is recommended. So, what does a mechanic focus on? What are those areas that make your life easier?

Key Areas a Mechanic Will Focus On:
Although a vehicle inspection might not be a legal requirement in every Australian state, a professional mechanic will examine your vehicle in a way that will fulfil all those basic requirements and ensure that your car is safe to be on the road.

Mechanical Elements:
If your car is set to pass an inspection test, it is imperative that it has no mechanical problems whatsoever. Starting from the engine components, to the suspension and bushings – it needs to give a driving experience that the manufacturer might have claimed it would when it left the manufacturing plant. A mechanic will make sure that the car has no damaged or overused mechanical components, anything that could end up in your vehicle failing an inspection test.

Body Exterior & Interior:
The windshield of your car, windows, front and rear bumpers, brake lights, seats and seat belts, etc., are the aspects that a mechanic will examine rather closely. Whether the vehicle was in a previous accident or not, whether it has been extensively driven on long routes or not, a mechanic will make sure the exterior and interior parts of the car are safe enough for yourself and others as well.

Leaks, Treads & Wear-n-Tear:
From a layman’s perspective, at times there are numerous vehicle parts that might seem in decent condition. However, when checked by a qualified individual with a lot of experience under his belt, those components might need to be replaced immediately. These might include the tread on tyres, minute leaks from fluid bottles under the hood, worn out vehicle interior or exterior parts, etc.

As a vehicle buyer or seller, you should never underestimate the way a mechanic will perform a vehicle check – as it will cover all the critical points associated with your car and make it deem fit to be on the road.

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