Tips to Keep Your Truck in Good Shape

If you own a fleet of commercial trucks or drive for a freight company, you must know how important it is to keep your vehicle in great shape at any given time. One of the major reasons is the fact that you do not want to be stranded when you are driving long routes or interstate, only because you missed one or two basic elements of your truck maintenance checklist.

However, it is also important to know that a commercial truck, whether a semi-truck or an 18-wheeler, is a more complex vehicle to maintain as compared to any other vehicle types out there.

But there are some ways through which you can maintain your truck:

Regular Oil Change

Just like a car mechanic tells you to regularly change your car’s oil and filter, a commercial truck would need the same regularity when it comes to changing or checking oil levels.

Make it a part of your pre-trip routine check and ensure the oil level is what it needs to be. There is a possibility that your truck engine might be consuming more oil than it should, possibly because of extreme weather conditions or an oil leak that you would only become aware of if you are checking it on a regular basis.

Tyre Pressure and Wear Pattern Diagnostics

If you are someone who likes to take good care of his or her truck, one of the very visible elements is the wear patterns on the tires. You need to know that a tyre pressure check is invaluable, considering that you will be driving your vehicle on long routes and at times challenging weather conditions.

When you see those unusual wear patterns or you feel the inflation levels are not all right, immediately get it fixed before making your next trip. If you do not pay attention to this at the right time, it can cost you a lot of money and downtime later on.

Air Conditioning

Well, it is a known fact that almost all parts of Australia can get extremely hot for interstate or long route driving. Freight company owners need to ensure their truck drivers are not driving those big vehicles in blistering heat without a fully functional air conditioning system.

Being a truck driver, make sure that the air conditioning is working fine at any given time, and as soon as you experience even the slightest of irregularities, take your truck for a service right away.

Unusual Sound or Noise in Brakes

Hearing unusual sounds while braking is a common brake problem for both, commercial and non-commercial vehicles. However, since you will be driving a lot of kilometres on your commercial semi-truck or an 18-wheeler, it is important that you get it checked by a truck mechanic before making your next trip.

Those high-pitched squealing sounds along with little or heavy vibrations, grinding or thumping or any other unusual sound that you hear while applying brakes could mean that you might have to face a bigger issue if you do not get it fixed right away.

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