How a Mobile Truck Mechanic Can Save the Day

In the last few years, transportation and logistics sector in Australia has increased some serious growth. Back in 2018, this sector was estimated to generate an annual revenue of more than $102.87 billion with operating profit of around $10.14 billion.

A big industry means more competition, and more competition means an ever challenging job for truck drivers. Driving long routes, especially from one state to another, is not a walk in the park by any means. And when you add truck maintenance, repair or service elements, it becomes even more challenging.

This is where a mobile truck mechanic can make your life a whole lot easier.

Reduces Overall Downtime

When you have a mobile truck mechanic at your service in the middle of the highway, it is far more convenient and time-saving than any other service method. The overall downtime that is caused due to your truck stopping in the middle of the road, can be a lot higher if you do not get mobile repair service.

No Need for Truck Towing

A mobile truck mechanic eliminates the need of a wrecker to tow your truck to a service shop. This saves you both time and money since wreckers might cost you a lot for towing your truck. Instead, you can have your truck inspected by the mechanic right there and if it is a minor or a less technical issue that can be fixed on the spot, you might well be on your way.

Round-the-Clock Availability

Most mobile truck service and repair places work 24/7. Whether you’re stuck on the highway or someplace in the city during the middle of the night, you can give a call to a mobile truck mechanic and they will be there to have a look at it.

Ongoing Service Programs

Mobile truck mechanics are usually part of service and repair centres that provide more than just a one-off truck service.

Most of these places offer ongoing truck maintenance programs where they perform the basic checks for your truck like oil and filter change, MOT, part repairs, etc.

Mobile Truck Mechanic – In a Nutshell

Whether it’s a one-off truck service or an ongoing maintenance program for your truck, a mobile truck mechanic can come in quite handy.

Being a truck driver yourself, or part of a transportation or logistics company, we do understand what it means to get stuck or stranded with a mechanical problem, delaying your deliveries and costing you work pressure, anxiety or even financial losses.

So should you go ahead with a mobile truck mechanic the next time you need a one-off service or an ongoing maintenance program for your truck? – Well, you definitely should.

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