5 Reasons You Should Go for a Structured Truck Maintenance Program

When you are part of the trucking business in any capacity, you would want your truck to be in top-notch condition at any given time. To make it happen, your vehicle would need scheduled inspection, service or part repairs by an experienced truck mechanic.

Here are some reasons why you should opt for a scheduled truck maintenance program:

Vehicle Service Checklist

Being a truck driver, you might have your own pre-trip vehicle checklist to ensure your vehicle is in good shape. However, this could vary from one driver to another, or from one trucking company to another.

Once you go for a structured truck maintenance, your truck will go through a detailed service and parts checklist that would usually include oil, filters, transmission fluid, brakes, tyres, worn clutch, blown hub seal, etc. This will be a more detailed checklist and might save you from a lot of trouble once you are on the road.

Better Communication with Drivers

A routine or scheduled maintenance program requires a truck mechanic to have some sort of feedback about the vehicle from the driver himself, since they are in the best position to tell about the vehicle(s) they drive. No matter how automated a system an organization follows, truck maintenance programs improve the communication between the drivers and the truck mechanic.

This communication results in better performance of the vehicle in the long-run.

Regular Vehicle Monitoring

Regardless of how often your truck gets inspected, once you opt for a structured truck maintenance program, your vehicle will be under the radar by an experienced professional or a team of professionals who are there to keep your truck in good shape.

Vehicle safety checks, driver safety checks, leakages under the hood, exterior body damages – these are some of the important elements that your truck will be regularly monitored for under a truck maintenance program.

The Element of Technology

The modern-day truck maintenance programs make use of technology through fleet management software, applications and tools that helps them to collect key performance metrics and vehicle data.

Using these metrics and data, they are able to perform better vehicle checks and repairs using a preventive approach instead of a reactive one.

Avoiding the Avoidable

Driving a small, mid-sized or a large commercial truck over long routes requires optimum vehicle performance. A structured truck maintenance program is a smart way to keep your fleet or even a single commercial truck under constant monitoring by skilled and experience truck technicians.

Through these programs, you can certainly avoid unforeseen technical breakdowns or part failures of your truck that could easily result in monetary or non-monetary losses.

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