5 Important Things To Consider For a Truck Inspection

Looking forward to buying a truck in Australia? Well, the world of heavy and very heavy trucks might not be as simple as cars in this part of the world. To make sure you get the right deal, you will surely go for a truck inspection. But what are the factors that you need to take into consideration? Let’s have a look:

Hydraulics & Pneumatics:

For any truck driver, freight moving company or anyone in the heavy trucks business, the most important elements are the hydraulics and pneumatic system of the vehicle. If you are about to purchase a truck, you should get it thoroughly inspected in these two categories in specific. Remember, a failed inspection at any authorised inspection station (AIS) might result in additional costs of repairs and further inspections.

PPSR Report:

If you are more inclined towards a used truck, then it’s imperative that you have full knowledge about the history of the vehicle. Whether it has been written off, the previous truck driver or company owes anything on the truck or if the truck has been used for any unfavourable or prohibited business that might have caused extensive damage to the truck – you are entitled to know it all. If not carried out properly, you would be responsible for any amount owed on the truck previously.

 Physical Condition of the Truck:

Just like any other light vehicle that you own for your personal use, if the vehicle doesn’t seem to be in good condition, it surely isn’t! Before purchasing a truck, always have an expert inspect the vehicle inside out because, unlike cars, heavy vehicles have a lot of minor and major areas that play a vital role when it comes to inspection results, safety risks, etc.

Truck Engine Condition:

Yes, these vehicles are designed to transport heavy and very heavy payload through long distances, however, the engine of these vehicles need to be inspected on a regular basis to make sure they pose no threat on the road. No matter how updated or technically advanced the fleet is, the engine of the truck should be paid special attention to by your truck inspection expert before you make your purchase.

Commercial Use, yes – But What Exactly?

Now this is one of the important things that you might easily miss out on. You are aware of the fact that if you are buying a used heavy vehicle, it was used for a commercial use previously. However, trying to dig out a little on the exact use or the nature of the business it was part of, is always a smart and recommended decision before you finalise your purchase. The business sector might tell you a lot about the truck and the way it might have been used previously.

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