Heavy Vehicle Inspections

Want to ensure the vehicle you’re operating is up to standard? The experts at Pro-View provide both light vehicle and heavy commercial truck inspections in Sydney for your convenience. We have built, serviced and inspected a wide range of vehicles from trucks to trains. Our licensed heavy vehicle diesel mechanics will work for you to inspect and report on the condition and serviceability of your chosen vehicle.

From light commercial vehicle inspections to a heavy vehicle inspection dealing with a 4000hp engine, we will provide you the information that you need to make a balanced decision at the time you need it.

We understand that when buying a commercial vehicle it is not just about inspecting and road testing the vehicle. It is also about the extra equipment that goes with it. Our staff is qualified and experienced in hydraulics and pneumatics and their operation, giving you the best options when it comes to your final decision. Let us help you by carrying out an independent examination before you buy!


Let Us Help You Save Money

Whether you own a fleet of trucks or are in the market for a truck you likely already, you need to understand the importance of inspection services. With the right assessment, Pro-view can help keep your business running smoothly. We offer mobile assessments on site, allowing you to use our service both before purchase and after purchase to ensure a smooth running truck fleet. At Pro-View, we provide heavy and light commercial vehicle inspections in Sydney.

Use our Services Before You Buy

Buying a used vehicle of any sort comes with risk, but when you use our mobile assessment service, you can minimise that risk. Our mobile inspection experts will go to where your used car or truck is, inspect it for problems and imperfections before giving you a verbal report on the spot. We also offer written reports sent to you by email.

Our comprehensive service looks at every element of the truck or car including its interior and exterior. Our heavy commercial truck inspections will include damage, worn parts, malfunctions, and any other imperfections that you need to know about.


If you run a fleet of commercial vehicles then regular assessments are a necessity. If you cannot afford to keep a mechanic on staff to do the assessment for you, our mobile inspectors in Sydney can come to your business and cater to your needs. By catching problems before your trucks break down, you can keep your fleet going and effectively save money for your business.

At Pro-View, all services are carried out by friendly and experienced staff that is fully licensed and accredited. We have over 30 years of experience working in the automotive industry, ensuring that your vehicles will always be handled professionally and provide you the most benefit for your investment.

Pro-View will be with you every step of the way for as long as you need us – for more information Call Pro-View today on 1300 918 439.